AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, Days 7-12

It’s been quite a few days since I lasted posted about my progress, so here is the update:

I finished off my cleanse phase this past Saturday, and I can definitely see a big difference in my physique. The most noticeable thing is my stomach, it is much flatter. I usually carry a lil pooch around my lower belly and after the cleanse I can see how much of it I have lost.

I have to say that I enjoyed the cleanse phase very much. It’s one of those things where in the beginning you’re kind of bummed and feel like you’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel but if you think of it in terms of going day by day, the days pass much quicker. Baby steps. One foot in front of the other.

I continued with my training, adding in more HIIT at the beginning of each day, and lifting a little lighter as opposed to going heavy like I normally do. One thing I have noticed about my training is that I definitely have more strength than endurance. The endurance training I have been doing has been kicking my butt!

Recently, I have been thinking about running more long distance again. Maybe I’ll sign up for a 5k to motivate me to get my endurance back up to where it used to be.

Day 12 is today, which means day 2 of the max phase. Yesterday, day 1 of max phase, seemed a bit unusual to not do any part of the cleanse but instead added in my vitamins in their place. One thing I noticed today when taking my packet right before lunch is to not wait the whole 30 minutes to eat, you will start to feel queasy and nauseous. Instead, eat within that 30 minute window. It’s a very easy plan to follow, much more simple than the cleanse.

My AdvoBabe sister, Sarah, and I have decided to do the performance elite challenge following our 24 day challenge to see what changes we can make further to our physiques. This challenge is all about building muscle and continuing to burn fat. I’m excited to see what happens! Stay tuned! 😉

Here is a glimpse at my progress pics from last summer. In the first pic is my monthly shot starting in July, I weighed about 147lbs, the last pic at the bottom was taken in mid-October and I weighed 136lbs. All of this was done mainly by diet, of course it helps that I included training but that is only 20% of the effort, the other 80% is nutrition. What you put inside your body is what you will see on the outside. Until next time: Eat smarter, Train harder!

July-August-September 2011


October 2011

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, Day 5 & 6

Monday started off great! It was day 5 and I decided to do some HIIT in the morning before my breakfast to burn off some glucose.  I really wanted to push myself to see what my limits are without anything in my system and I definitely found out…

Here’s how my HIIT went:

Treadmil HIIT- 15 sec on, 45 sec rest

5 min warmup      3mph@4%

Interval 1-2           6mph@4%

Interval 3-4           7mph@5%

Interval 5               8mph@5%

Interval 6-10         9mph@6%

3 min cooldown    3mph@0%

By the time I was on my 8th interval I felt as though my legs wouldn’t make it, but I was able to push through it and they did. It was rough. I’m not used to doing cardio on an empty stomach and I tip my hat to those that do it on a daily basis!

So I dragged myself up the three flights of stairs back to my apartment and immediately had my meal replacement shake along with a very delicious plum! Put together my meals for the day and headed off to train some clients!

With my last client of the day we did a total body strength routine with some more HIIT to finish out the day. We were about to leave the locker room when I noticed a digital scale and couldn’t help but weigh myself, just to see where my weight had gone over the last 4 days. I was totally confused when the scale said I had gained 6lbs. I shrugged it off figuring that the scale was broken.

Today is day 6 and the challenge is becoming more and more routine, I’ve got everything down to a science, my meals prepped, my supplements ready, everything is going smooth.

Finished school and headed over to my girlfriend Sarah’s house for a little at home workout and to try out her new rower! She had everything set up and the plan was to do some timed interval strength and endurance exercises, it was awesome! Totally kicked our butts! It is SO much more fun and encouraging when you have a partner who is a motivated as you are! 😉

Well, I was telling Sarah about the scale incident the night before and we proceeded to her scale to double-check the number….same number. I was completely puzzled, so was she, so we started talking about what I had been doing, eating, drinking, etc., turns out I have been drinking WAY too much water. Since day 2 I upped my water intake to 1 gallon a day and because I’m on the cleanse phase its causing me to retain all that water. So no more excessive amounts of water for me! Now I will see what happens in the next couple days with keeping my water intake to a much smaller level.

After I get home B (btw B is my boyfriend and aka Barnabas, I just always call him B) starts telling me about how I have encouraged him to start eating clean again and now he wants to wake up early tomorrow morning to do some HIIT with me! 🙂 It feels amazing to know that I am motivating him. Usually it is the other way around, him pushing and encouraging me. One day I’ll get into the story on how we met but the short version is he was once my personal trainer and helped me take that step towards obtaining my certification and is usually the one helping me with my goals, so its nice to have it be the opposite way for once! Give and receive, it’s gotta work both ways!

I want to end with this thought I had yesterday as I was driving back home from my morning cardio:

“Results don’t come to those who wish for them, they come to those who work for them.”

Makes total sense, yet most people fail to grasp this. Being/staying/getting healthy and fit isn’t always easy and sometimes you really have to work your ass off, but in the end the dividends always payoff. 🙂

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, Day 4

Sunday was day 4 for me and to be completely honest it was very difficult to stay on track with my eating. I didn’t have anything planned for the day but studying and so of course by not being busy I get hungry for the foods I know I’m not supposed to have. It doesn’t help that I started my day off baking sweet treats either…

So I caved in at breakfast and had 2 homemade banana muffins, although I did make them with brown sugar and whole wheat flour! But day 4 means no more yucky fiber drinks! Yay! So lunch came and I had my usual ground turkey with a big salad, lots of tomatoes and my fav italian dressing. A few hours later I broke down and had a snack of some chicken flavored ramen noodles, which I tried to make healthy by adding some veggies on the side. When you start eating clean, you get to this point where you start craving the foods your body is missing and for me it usually starts towards the end of my first week, once I get past that first week I’m good but it can get rough. I tried to keep myself busy the rest of the day cleaning and studying and finally it was time to make dinner. We decided on spaghetti, so I made some more ground turkey and boiled some whole wheat angel hair pasta and added some sweet basil tomato sauce, it was VERY yummy! B came home with some garlic bread and so we popped that in the oven for a few minutes and I couldn’t help but help my self to 2 pieces. Luckily for me, he eats all the leftovers so there’s none left for me to sneak later!

I went to bed soon after and quickly fell asleep only to have a dream about drinking my fiber drink and taking my cleanse tablets, which woke me up immediately because I had forgotten to take my cleanse tablets! Opps!


I could have used this yesterday!

I’d like to add a side note about personal training, just because I get asked all the time how to pick a great trainer.

Some people think that being a personal trainer makes training and eating clean so much easier, but the truth is its just as hard. I still crave sweets and my favorite junk foods, I still have days where I dread going to the gym or doing cardio. The only difference is that I have the knowledge to change my body, of course anyone can have this knowledge but it can be confusing to those who don’t know where to start looking. I have found that most of my clients are misled on how to get the results they want, mainly because they are getting their information from the internet or sources that are not backed. The biggest advantage of having a fitness professional (one that is well certified and with a substantial amount of experience) is their wealth of information. Now, anyone can become a “certified personal trainer” for about $200 bucks, but the key in looking for a great personal trainer is WHAT kind of certification they have, HOW much experience do they have, WHAT kind of success have their clients had and WHAT kind of shape are they in?

I have come across many so-called “fitness professionals” that are far from what they claim to be. Unfortunately, many people fall for these claims, which makes my job that much harder. In my opinion, the most important part of my job is not weight loss or muscle gain, it’s injury prevention. You want to be able to trust that your trainer is putting you in the correct form 100% of the time. This is why it is crucial that your trainer has the best knowledge and experience to be able to get you to your health and fitness goals as safely and efficiently as possible.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, Day 1, 2 & 3

So day 1. Day 1 of my challenge went by rather smoothly. I woke up exhausted of course because of the lack of sleep from the night before, I was way too excited! But I woke up nonetheless, ready to start my challenge. I took my spark, started getting ready for school, chugged down my fiber drink, yuck, the texture is hard for me to stomach. Packed one of my pre-made meals in my bag, mixed my chocolate mocha meal replacement shake, grabbed my gallon jug of water and took off out the door!

Four hours later I was done with school and headed home to eat my 3rd meal of the day and I wasn’t sure if I felt so amazing because of the products or because I was just so excited to start this challenge, either way I felt great! I’ve always been pretty good about getting enough fiber in my diet but when I started with my fiber drink I could feel the insides of my stomach working and it felt as though I was getting rid of anything sticking to the lining of my intestines…kinda gross, I know but it was something I had never experienced before. So my day ended and I was able to get in all my meals and fell asleep right away.

Day 2 began a little later than I would have liked it to, but my body needed the extra shut eye so it was worth it. It was a busy day and I was definitely not as planned as I would have liked to have been. I started again with my spark (so far using mandarin orange) while checking my email and then on to my fiber drink, which I have learned you have to drink it asap or else it gets thicker and almost impossible to drink! Then we were out the door to train our first client of the day, who is also doing the challenge! It was a chest day and I decided to workout with my client, doing basic exercises to hit every angle and also to allow my client to get used to the movements as this was his first session with me. Here is what we did:

Incline bench dumbbell press- 1 warm-up set of 15-20 reps using light weight, then 3 x 10

Low cable pec flye – 3 x 10

Flat bench press 3 x 10

Not too much but not too little, I always want to make sure each client is able to complete basic exercies before we go on to more advanced styles of training. Don’t get me wrong, it was still challenging and he is definitely feeling the effects of it today!

After training I had my meal replacement shake and visited my boyfriend’s parents for a bit before leaving to train my next client. Another upper body routine and after I quickly made myself a protein shake before heading over to my AdvoCare advisor’s house for a Friday Night Mixer. She had just gotten in a tub of the new Mango Strawberry Spark and I was excited to try it! It was DE-LICIOUS! Seriously like I was drinking juice! I’m going to have to order a tub now…

Afterwards, we headed home and I was finally able to eat a full meal! I was physically exhausted from the lack of meals I was unable to consume and was excited to eat! Before going to bed I took my herbal cleanse tabs and fell asleep very quickly.

Before I started the challenge I was having a hard time falling into deep sleep and was taking Sleep Works and it really helped get me to that deep sleep that I had been missing. Since I started the challenge I’ve noticed that I have been sleeping better and the only thing I can contribute it to is the products. Pretty amazing how well your body can work if you put the right stuff in it! 😉

Today is day 3 and I still feel just as good but I do notice that my energy level is much higher and I am able to get more stuff done. Before I started I was worried that the hardest part of this challenge was going to be able to eat clean along with avoiding some of the things that are not reccommended while on the challenge but I end up craving the clean whole foods.

If you were wondering there are 5 things to avoid while on the challenge:



White sugar

White flour

Limited amount of whole grain/wheat

I will post my stats after the cleanse phase is over on day 10 so you can see my beginning stats and where they are at after 10 days!

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, Day 0

It’s t-minus, oh about 5 hours until my first day of the AdvoCare 24 Day Trim Challenge. I am so excited that I can’t even go to bed at a decent hour! You can learn more about what the challenge is here  and here 

I guess I should start off by saying that the purpose of this blog is to journal my challenge along with any other goals, or major things I might be going through. But my goal is to keep it mainly health & fitness related.

So to prepare for my very first challenge I constructed my own meal plan for the next 4 weeks. It’s probably going to sound extremely boring and bland but when you start prepping your food days in advance there isn’t a lot of fridge room to be whipping up 5 different meals, not to mention my kitchen is the size of most people’s closets! So, to save time and space I just cook a couple different proteins, usually fish and chicken or fish and ground turkey, and chop up lettuce and veggies to go with it. Tonight I chose tilapia, ground turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and a few snack options. I bake the tilapia and brown the turkey on the stove. Once everything is cooked I portion out my proteins with lettuce and tomato into tupperware and start bagging my snacks. When I say snacks, to me I mean smaller portioned sized foods for when I can’t eat a meal right away or when I’m stuck without one. I eat 6 meals a day and pack a few bags of snack in my purse for when I’m at school or out as a go-to option so I can stay on track. Today I bagged dark cocoa almonds and raw almonds then in two separate bags I scooped a rounded scoop of protein. I usually always keep my shaker in my purse and can normally find water somewhere if I don’t have any so having that scoop can really be a life saver.

After I finished prepping all my meals I sat down with the contents of my challenge, which include meal replacement shakes, an herbal cleanse pack, omega 3 caps, a metabolic nutrition system or in other words my daily vitamins and minerals, an amino acid supplement to help me keep my muscle even through my long cardio sessions and last but certainly my favorite item, spark! If you have yet to try spark stop what you’re doing right now and ask me for some! It will change your life! It is an energy drink mix, but I hate using the word energy drink because it is NOTHING like those carbonated sugary drinks. It contains absolutely no sugar. Let me say that again, ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR. I can get excited about that! And it tastes like I’m drinking juice. No joke. It gives you this focused energy, like you can mentally take on the world. In short, it makes you happy, focused and full of energy with no crash. Don’t believe me? Ask me for some! Anyway, I got carried away there, so AdvoCare gave me a ton of stuff for this challenge and I’m super excited to see what it does for me. The average person loses 10lbs and 10in in just 24 days. I know, crazy. Don’t worry, I’ll post my pics!


What makes me the most excited is my clients. Right now I have 4 clients doing this challenge, some have already started and are feeling amazing and have more energy than before. I’m looking forward to seeing their progress!

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ll post more tomorrow! I leave you with one of my favorite sayings to think about:

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.